The Morning After

the morning after

She took a long, slow drag off one of her favorite cigarettes as he caressed her hand, both of them lost forever in the moment now fading into their past. They’d waited for this day as if it had been 100 years. Made the arrangements. Devised excuses for skipping out on work. They’d picked a location far from their hometown, where nobody would recognize them in the band of darkness that some would say straddles a thin line, but to them it would be plenty wide to satisfy their curiosity. She had wondered whether she’d feel bliss—or regret—after the rendezvous. And now she knew. It was over. She was already thinking about the next one. It was, as they say, nothing short of spectacular.

The Manner of Our Standing

a manner of standing

One of the best gifts I ever received as a young teen was a punching bag. I’m convinced it saved me from other outlets I could’ve explored when things weren’t going my way.

Friends, the anger of many is real—fresh, and painful—after this presidential election. Grieving is, and should be, part of the process when a dream hasn’t come true, or maybe has just been delayed.

My social media prediction was proved right, unfortunately. (You can read it here.) People who were on speaking terms two days ago are throwing virtual uppercuts at each other today—the Internet, splayed open with the stench of hate. And sadly, those who are claiming to be all about love are showing quite the opposite.

But we’re human. I get it.

Emotions run deep, yes?

Do stand for what you believe. That’s your right. It’s your freedom in this land we share together. But it’s the manner of our standing that will bring about change. Lasting change.


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7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well

7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well

To know you’re not forgotten. You have a gift. You have talents. You have a purpose. And you are needed. Desperately.

But negative agreements we’ve made, subtle lies often buried deep, rooted in our past, are telling us otherwise.

I had the privilege to shine a little light—7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well—on issues we all face that have kept us sidelined for long enough, and truths that will get you back in the race. And finishing well.

You can listen to part two of this two part series in the player window below. If the player is not shown, you can also click here to listen.

Thanks again to Beyond the Veil Fellowship Church in Evansville, Indiana, for allowing me to share this important message. (To listen to part one, The Evidence Is All Around, click here.)

Sometimes It Snows in April – A Tribute

prince, sometimes it snows in april

Revered by the music industry and loved by millions of fans, and despite the controversies over his lyrical styles that some found offensive, Prince was a revolutionary artist none the less.

A prolific singer and songwriter. An unbelievably talented musician, skilled at devising new sounds across a multitude of instruments, all of which he could play. His vocal range could drop to the bottom floor and float effortlessly through a falsetto, peaking at a shriek-like scream that didn’t need a trademark because nobody else could do it quite like Prince. (And all of us who grew up listening to his music have strained our voices numerous times behind the wheel of a car, purporting to sing along at the level of his unmatched prowess. Don’t deny it!)

Prepare to Fly

drone rescue

It held such a wonderful view from high above—until it crashed.

Out of hundreds of acres of surrounding farmland, the brand new and quite expensive drone of one of our family members bee-lined toward the only body of water on the property. The small aircraft had lost its ability to maneuver, and on Thanksgiving Day, 2014, it went down, plunging to the bottom of a one acre lake.

And there it spent the entire year of 2015, buried alive, in the mud.