7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well

7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well

To know you’re not forgotten. You have a gift. You have talents. You have a purpose. And you are needed. Desperately.

But negative agreements we’ve made, subtle lies often buried deep, rooted in our past, are telling us otherwise.

I had the privilege to shine a little light—7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well—on issues we all face that have kept us sidelined for long enough, and truths that will get you back in the race. And finishing well.

You can listen to part two of this two part series in the player window below. If the player is not shown, you can also click here to listen.

Thanks again to Beyond the Veil Fellowship Church in Evansville, Indiana, for allowing me to share this important message. (To listen to part one, The Evidence Is All Around, click here.)

The Evidence Is All Around

The Evidence Is All Around

Oceans. Mountains. Trees. Birds. Creatures that move on the ground and in the sea. Newborn babies. The sun rises and the sun sets. The evidence is all around.

What comes to mind when you hear the word Heaven? Does it evoke thoughts of an eternal worship-service-in-the-sky, which frankly sounds like eons of boredom if compared to the lot of church services offered us today.

Or does it paint images of all your dreams coming true? Everything you have held near and dear to your heart, every talent you have (or wish you had) and all of your desires coming to fruition, perfected. All of the things and people you have loved and lost being returned to you. Restored to you?

And does it even matter for us, today, here on this earth?

I had the privilege to speak on this topic this past Sunday at Beyond the Veil Fellowship Church in Evansville, Indiana. If you can’t listen using the player window below, you can also click here to listen. (Part two, 7 Daily Affirmations for Finishing Well, is also available by clicking here.)

Prescription for Doing (Life) Part 2 – Something New

Gomez Ramesh invited me to his home for Tandoori Chicken with a side of something resembling creamed spinach. I was a single twenty year-old at the time, serving in the U.S. Air Force in Colorado Springs, and I’d never heard of Tandoori anything, but the red-colored roasted chicken on a bed of grilled onions looked and smelled amazing.

sharing bread, do something new

Gomez motioned me to sit at the dinner table, and his wife, Lily, did the same.

After exchanging pleasantries and watching Gomez and Lily dip flat pieces of bread in a light-green cucumbery sauce—to which I followed suit—I noticed a picture of Jesus on the wall. In my ignorance, I had presumed Gomez and Lily were of another faith, and so I inquired.

I was half correct. Gomez was a Hindu, and Lily, a Catholic.

The Waking Dead

You have a zombie in your Easter basket, and it’s eating your chocolate eggs. Not exactly what you were expecting to hear going into Resurrection Sunday weekend. More like Halloween.

Easter, hope, zombie apocalypse

One of my favorite television series right now is The Walking Dead. If you’re already thinking, Great, another post about zombies, don’t leave just yet. Instead of walking dead things, let’s talk about waking dead things, about resurrecting and restoring the vibrancy that has died in us. For dead places are eating away at the sweetness of life.

Crazy People Who Speak with Their Eyes Closed

I saw him approaching out of the corner of my eye as I sat on a park bench. The well-shaded grounds of the State Hospital is a spot frequented by local office dwellers escaping for quiet lunches on warm summer days, and that’s what I was doing there. But that’s not what he was doing there. The thirty-something year-old looked around nervously and asked if he could sit down.

Psychiatric patients at the hospital can receive permission to stroll outside during the day, but they’re not allowed to talk to the public. I knew this, and reluctantly I motioned him to sit.

His story was a bit shocking, but I didn’t flinch. Apparently I was the first person in the park who didn’t walk away from him, especially “after they found out I was gay,” he said.