Trails less traveled.

The way is narrow. The way is steep.
The way is hard. But the way is good.
Your load is light.
Joy in simplicity. Peace in surroundings.
The air. The earth. The sky.

Here we measure life in steps, not miles per hour.
Clear water trickling to your heart.
Blog haiku for your thirsty soul.

Stop and look. Stop and feel. Stop and listen.
Stop to speak, to a fellow passerby.
Share stories of your travels, if only at this crossing.
To move each foot forward, and onward,
and upward, for the Highest of Highs.

Brock Stephen HenningBrock Stephen Henning

By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward (Phil. 3:14, The Message). That sums up my life in one sentence.

I don’t have this all figured out, and I’d offer neither do you. But here we are. The signposts are all around us. The problem is, we’re traveling too fast to notice. We follow the masses down wide roads paved by those who desire to take from us everything—our hopes, dreams, purposes, money, identities—even our very lives if they can. Greed. Pride. Fear. Hate.

I’d rather take the trail less traveled. The one farthest from the media-spun corrals and commercialization of our souls. The rocky path dipping into dark valleys of our hearts—the painful places we’re afraid to go—but pressing on will lead us once again above treeline, to rising peaks, to sunshine soaked views, far richer than the empty promises of life at lightspeed and overcrowded beliefs. There, at the High Place, we will discover the truth. Grace. Peace. Love. Hope. Forgiveness. Healing. And Joy.

You’re here because you, too, have chosen the trail less traveled. Maybe you’re standing at the trailhead, setting out for something new. Or maybe you’ve been wandering the trail for a while, and we’re meeting at a junction. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we’re here. Now.

Let’s walk this length of the trail together. Let’s consider the simple truths around us. And when our path splits, and you must go this way and I must go that, our time together was not in vain. We have each lived with purpose, passion, and the pursuit of Lifesummits.

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life…

— Matthew 7:14